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    The Beginning: In the eighteenth century, when India was adorned with the aesthetic touch of Rajas and Maharajas, their passion, power and pursuit of self identification led the landscape to become immortal in Gold & Silver relics.
    Our fore fathers then had gathered the knowledge, the expertise and developed the art of Leafing (Gilding) in Gold & Silver and had weaved the dreams of the aristocrats into historic reality. The most exquisite and varied accomplishments of our fore fathers right through four generations are:
    Mr Afzal Khan with his father Mr Abdul Rehman Khan (Year 1960)

    Exciting Present:

    This millennium we are well known as THE GOLD LEAFING STUDIO. Under this organization we have sophistically achieved in making modern India relish with glittery touch of our heritage. We are proud that the boundaries of our forefathers limited to temples, mosque & gurudwaras has been now broadened to many other sectors by this present organization namely:

    Hotel Industry             •Corporate business houses
    •Film industry              •Bungalows / Residences
    •Art galleries
    Malls / Multiplexes etc.
    Jewellery Showrooms / Boutiques
    Restaurants / Banquets

  • Gold Leaf Palette
    Silver Leaf Palette
    Copper Leaf Palette
    Antique Leafing Palette
    Champagne Leafing Palette
    Golden Leafing Palette
    Silver Leafing Palette
    Copper Leafing Palette
    Antique Leafing Palette
    Champagne Leafing Palette
    Shehzad Khan
    The Gold Leafing Studio
    Gold Leafig on Mosques
    Silver Leafing on Mosque
    Gold Leafing on Temples
    Silver Leafing on Temples
    Gold Leafing on Gurudwaras
    Silver Leafing on Gurudwaras
    Champagne Leafing On Templaes
    Copper Leafing on Mosques
    Copper Leafing on Gurudwaras
    Copper Leafing on Temples
    Antique Leafing on Mosques
    Antique Leafing on Hotels
    Gold Leafing in Hotels
    Silver Leafing in Hotels
    Gold Leafing for Furniures
    Silver Leafing for Furniures
    Copper Leafing on Hotels
    24k gold leafing on furnitures
    24 Karat Gold Leafing Furnitures
    24 Karat Gold Leafing in Hotels
    24 Karat Gold Leafing on furnitures
    24 karat Gold Leafing on Hotels
    Copper Leaafing on roof
    Golden Leafing Studio
    Shehzad Khan
    The Gold Leafing Studio
    Sehzad Khan in Gold Leafing
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